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Sub-Zero Food Preservation Laminated Cards


  • What do laminated product cards cover?
  • How to get copy of laminated use and care card for food storage recommendations
  • Which products have a laminated food preservation card?
  • Where to store food produce, fruit, vegetables in Sub-Zero
  • Do French door models have two sets of user reference cards?
  • Where are the freshness cards?


Use and care and food preservation cards come as a set if needed for replacement for Classic (BI) and IC-27 products.

  • Laminated product cards are only available in English.
  • The cards are color coded and categorized to the type of food being stored.
  • The freshness cards are inside the refrigerator section near the crisper drawers on the hinge side in all refrigerator or combination models.
  • French door models have two slots for cards but only one set of cards.
  • All crisper or deli drawers, shown in blue on the cards, have high humidity.
    • The card may point out one drawer has high humidity. However, the drawers all achieve the same level of humidity regardless of which drawer is used.

Laminated product cards are helpful for condensed user information in a one-page or two-page reference document. The following reference cards are available:

Replacement cards may be purchased from a Factory Certified Parts Distributor using the part numbers listed below.

  • Each part number contains a use and care and a food preservation card for the respective models.
  • The use and care card has similar colors to the food preservation card, but does not match the color coding placement for the food preservation.
  • See also, Ethylene-Producing Foods.
Model Part #
BI French Door 7024146
BI All Refrigerator 7007060
BI Over/Under 7009374
BI Side by Side 7011222
IC-27* 7015135
IC and IT Designer Refrigerators 7031458
IT-36CI Use and Care 7031461
PRO3650 7041744
PRO4850 7041745

*IC-27 Models are 700 Series products.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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