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Wolf CI Induction Cooktop, IR Induction Range, and Legacy IR Induction Range Lock Mode and Auto-Lock


  • Lock or unlock IR or CI unit
  • CI Induction Cooktop locks itself
  • Legacy IR Induction Range does not lock
  • CI Induction Cooktop controls not responding
  • No heat from IR Induction Range cooktop
  • Disable auto-lock or auto lock


Lock Mode

During Lock mode, no controls function except Lock and the controls associated with entering Diagnostic Mode.

Note that if unit has a key symbol on the control panel instead of the word Lock, refer to CT Induction Cooktop Locked.

Enter Lock Mode

To lock the cooktop controls, touch and hold the lock control for three seconds. The control panel may have either the word Lock or a padlock icon .

  • Unit also locks after ten continuous minutes of being idle as an auto-lock feature.
  • Unit beeps when entering Lock mode.
  • A padlock icon appears on the display when locked.
  • Failure beep occurs if any control zone is active when trying to enter Lock mode.

Exit Lock Mode

To unlock the cooktop controls, touch and hold the lock control for three seconds.

  • If the control is held for more than 10 seconds, the cooktop relocks.
  • Unit beeps when exiting Lock mode.
  • The padlock icon disappears from the display when unlocked.
  • Positioning your finger on the "k" in the word "Lock" can help it to unlock faster.

Enable or Disable Auto-Lock Feature

  • Auto-lock function is enabled by default.
  • If disabled, the cooktop does not automatically enter lock mode after 10 minutes of continuous idle mode.

Newer Models CI30460, CI36560:

  1. Touch the gear icon  to enter the extended options menu.
  2. Touch the padlock icon  to turn the auto-lock feature on or off.

Older Models CI152, CI243, CI304, CI365, IR304, IR365:

  1. While unit is off and unlocked, touch and hold All Off for five seconds until a beep sounds.
  2. Touch + on the timer control three times until "LO" appears on the timer display. Power level 3 on the rear element control will appear.
  3. Use the control for the front left element to turn the auto-lock on or off:
    • To disable the lock, touch SIM (for simmer) or MLT (for melt) depending on model.
      • The front left control zone power level changes to level 1 (SIM) to indicate the auto-lock is disabled.
    • To enable the lock, touch HI.
      • The front left control zone power level changes to level 10 (HI) to indicate the auto-lock is enabled.
  4. Touch All Off at any time to save settings and return the cooktop to idle.
    • Settings will also save if the controls are not used for a few seconds.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

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