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Cooking with a Wolf French Top


  • How long does it take to preheat a French top?
  • Can I place a wok in the center ring of the French top?
  • How to use a French top
  • Cooking with a French top


The Wolf French top is ideal for cooking with multiple pots or pans. There is only one center flame under the cooking surface that is either turned on or off.

Tips for French Top Use

Reduce heat by sliding each pan to a different position to intensify or diminish the heat.
  • The center is the hottest, and the corners are the lowest heat output.
  • Keep food lightly simmering by sliding the pans to the corners.
  • A true rolling boil can be achieved by placing the pot of water between the high and medium heat zones.
The French top is best for the serious cook who frequently prepares multiple-pot meals.
The Wolf French top takes about 25 minutes to preheat to full infrared heat potential.
Do not cook food directly on the French top surface. Instead, use pots and pans to cook food on the surface.
Do not remove the center ring and insert a wok. The rings can warp and discolor.
Color change is expected in the center of the French top.
  • The blue color of the top is permanent.
  • It may be lightened with intense cleaning. However, the next time the unit is heated. It will return to blue.
  • See also, Clean a French Top.
For cooking classes, use and care classes or product demonstrations, refer to Product Distributor Services.


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