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Exhaust from Charbroiler


  • Charbroiler is smoking excessively.
  • A lot of smoke from Charbroiler
  • Hood does not exhaust smoke from Charbroiler.


  • Excessive smoke can be caused by grilling fatty meats.
  • Using a hood or blower not specified for use with a Charbroiler.
  • Make up air restriction
  • Blocked or restricted duct or backdraft damper not opening.


  1. Verify ventilation hood has been in operation 5 minutes prior to using the Charbroiler.
  2. Verify a 27" Deep Pro Wall Hood is installed as this is the recommended hood for a charbroiler.
  3. Verify blower size is appropriate for the size of the unit and the hood installed.
  4. To verify a make-up air restriction, open a window nearby.
    • If the ventilation improves, there is a make-up air issue.
  5. Check for proper ducting based on the specification for the hood and blower model.

For further ventilation information, refer to the Wolf Ventilation Guide.

Refer to the Wolf Design Guide for design specifications.


For the best performance, turn on the ventilation hood 5 minutes prior to using the Charbroiler.
To reduce flare-ups and excessive smoking:
  1. Never leave Charbroiler unattended while in use
  2. Use lean cuts of meat
  3. Trim fat before grilling. Fatty meats cause flaming or excessive smoke
To minimize flare-ups when grilling chicken breasts and thighs:
  1. Remove the skin
  2. Brush pieces with vegetable or peanut oil to reduce sticking to the grate
If flare-ups or excessive smoke occur, quickly move the food to another place on the grate with long tongs.
  • The Wolf Design Guide recommends a Pro 27" Deep Wall Hood for use with ranges and rangetops with a charbroiler or griddle for optimal performance in wall hood applications
    • The 27" deep hood will capture and draw in the cooking smoke, steam and odors with as little additional air as possible
  • Refer to Make-up Air Damper for information on the Make-Up Air Damper Kit.
  • For further ventilation information requirements, refer to the Wolf Ventilation Guide
If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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