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Wolf Outdoor Grill Combustible or Non-Combustible Surface Information


  • Outdoor Grill (OG), Side Burner (SB), or Burner Module (BM) side, rear, and overhead clearance to combustibles
  • OG installed in an enclosed area, lanai, or overhang
  • Does a liner have to be used if the enclosure for the OG is combustible?


Combustible and non-combustible material clearances for any OG, SB, or BM product must comply with the Wolf Design Guide regardless of how high up from the countertop they are placed.

  • For example, for a combustible material clearance:
    • Combustible material should not be within 12" of the side or rear of an OG regardless of how high the combustible material is in relation to the OG.
    • Within 12" of the side or rear, no combustible material can be at a level above the grill.
    • There is no minimum distance to combustible material above the grill because combustible material cannot go over the grill, no matter how high above the grill the material is.
    • Refer to Outdoor Grill and Ventilation Hood Compatibility for compatible Wolf Ventilation hoods.
  • Materials considered combustible are determined by local code.
  • Note in a marketing photo of an OG Outdoor Grill the unit is built into what looks like a wood surround.
    • This is ipe wood and is extremely dense and rated as non-combustible in some municipalities.
    • Always consult local code for information on what qualifies as combustible or non-combustible.

If the entire enclosure that the OG is installed into is a combustible material, then an OG Outdoor Grill liner must be used. See also, Outdoor Gas Grill Built-In Liners.

OG, SB, and BM products cannot be installed in any type of enclosed or covered area with a roof or overhang. This includes the eave overhang of a roof.

  • Never place an OG, SB, or BM in an enclosed area such as a garage, shed, building, breezeway, or overhead combustible construction.
  • Keep clear of trees and shrubs.

Refer to the Wolf Design Guide for design specifications.


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