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Wolf 9" Downdraft Filters


  • How many filters or filter grilles does a Downdraft have?
  • Is the Downdraft size important when replacing filters and filter grilles?
  • How many filters and filter grilles are included in a filter assembly?
  • What is the difference between a Downdraft filter, filter grille, and filter assembly?
  • Part number 816518, 816564, 817387, 817405, 817409, 817422, 817431, 817450, 817451, 818560, 818561, 818562


A 9" Downdraft has two filters and two filter grilles, regardless of size (30", 36", or 45").

  • Filters refer to the aluminum mesh filters that capture grease and other contaminants from the exhaust intake.
    • Filters are dishwasher safe.
  • Filter grilles refer to the visible stainless steel covers that the aluminum mesh filters are inserted into.
    • Filter grilles are dishwasher safe.
  • Filters and filter grilles can be replaced individually; however, filter grilles are specific to which side of the Downdraft they are installed on (right-hand vs. left-hand).
  • For part replacement convenience, a filter assembly is available for a Downdraft, regardless of size (30", 36", or 45").
    • The filter assembly includes two filters and two filter grilles for the appropriate-sized unit.
PartDD30 (I or R)DD36 (I or R)DD45 (I or R)
Filter (requires 2 each)816518817387817431
Filter Grille (requires 1 of each)
Right Hand (RH)817450817405818561
Left Hand (LH)817451817409818562
Filter Assembly
(includes 2 filters and 2 filter grilles)

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