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Cove Dishwasher Add Water Softener Salt



If the Add Salt message appears frequently:

  1. Make sure the water hardness setting is correct. Refer to Cove Dishwasher Water Hardness for more information.
  2. Using modes and options that use more water will increase the amount of salt used.
  3. If the message does not clear at all, or the frequency increases without any changes to Mode or Options used, no troubleshooting advice is available.
  4. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


For water softener models only, a salt compartment is at the bottom of the interior.

Before First Time Use

Before using the dishwasher for the first time, fill the salt compartment with water before adding salt.

  • Water does not have to be added with subsequent refills.
  • If water is not added, Add Salt will appear on the display. To correct this, makes sure water and salt are added to the salt compartment, then run a Quick cycle without any dishes.
  • Make sure the water hardness setting is correct. Refer to Cove Dishwasher Water Hardness for more information.
    • The higher the water hardness setting, the more salt is used.

Add Salt Message on Cove Dishwasher

When softener salt is low, “Add Salt. ENTER once added, CANCEL to ignore,” appears on the display.

  • If filling water softener for the first time, refer to Before First Time Use section above.
  • Water quality and mode selection affect how often the salt needs to be filled.
  • Longer programs that use more water will use more salt.
  • See also, Cove Dishwasher Run Water Softener Model Without Salt.

Add Softener Salt to Cove Dishwasher:

  1. Pull the lower rack forward and if necessary, turn the lower spray arm away from the compartment cover.
  2. Turn the cover counterclockwise to remove. It is normal for the reservoir to contain water.
  3. Fill the compartment completely with dishwasher softener salt.
  4. Once full, clean any excess salt from the threads of the salt compartment, then turn the cover clockwise to secure.
  5. Press ENTER. The Add Salt message will disappear.
  6. Run a Quick cycle without any dishes. This removes any excess or spilled salt from the dishwashing area.
  7. After the Quick cycle is complete, load and use the dishwasher as normal.

The water softener must regenerate periodically to maintain water quality. Refer to Cove Dishwasher Water Softener Regeneration.


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