Induction Range First Time Oven Use Burn-In Process


  • Do you have to remove the oven racks in an Induction Range (IR) oven before doing the initial burn-in?
  • Does the burn in remove the oil and grease from the oven window and oven cavity?
  • Are cracking or popping noises during the burn in process normal?
  • What needs to be done before an oven is used for the first time?
  • Oven burn-in instructions, mode, temperature, and time information
  • Oven start up burn in instructions
  • Burn-in process for ovens


Before an oven is used for the first time, the oven interior should be cleaned and a burn-in may be required.

  • Wolf recommends discarding any food that is cooked in the oven before the first time use/burn-in process is completed.
  • Oven racks can remain inside the oven during this burn-in.
  • Remove broiler pans from the oven before proceeding.
  • For units with two ovens, the burn-in process can be performed in both ovens simultaneously.
  • Animals sensitive to odors may be impacted by the burn-in process. Use ventilation and move pets to an area away from the kitchen as needed.
  • The unit's cooling fans run after the burn-in is complete.
  • There is no set time on how long it will take for an oven to completely cool after use.

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Prior to First Time Use

  1. Clean the oven interior, door, and glass with soap and water to remove some of the manufacturing grease; the remaining oil residue will burn off during the burn-in process.
  2. Operate the oven on Convection Roast at 550° F for 1 hour after it has preheated.
  3. Some odor or smoke may be produced during the burn-in process. This is considered normal.
  4. Running a ventilation hood or opening a window will help circulate airflow in the room and reduce the amount of odor or smoke that may be produced.
  5. Oven cracking or popping noises the first few times of use is considered normal.
  6. It is not necessary to remove oven racks or guides for the burn-in process.

Refer to the product use and care guide for further information.

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