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Connected Appliance Wi-Fi Signal Strength


  • How to address low WiFi signal situations
  • What the signal strength colors mean
  • Check Wi-Fi signal strength
  • How to verify wi fi connection is good


A weak Wi-Fi signal may cause issues with the performance of the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App and can prevent pairing the appliance in the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App.

For New Installations

  1. Precheck the Wi-Fi signal level and quality at the location where the connected appliance will be installed beforehand to help reduce connectivity issues.
  2. To check Wi-Fi quality, turn on the Wi-Fi for the smart phone or tablet and place it where the product will be installed. Wi-Fi signal strength reported by a phone or tablet is not identical to the strength experienced by the appliance, but it serves as a baseline for the installation location.
  3. Verify the Wi-Fi signal and the data rate are acceptable.
    • Search the internet for "internet speed test" to find an internet speed test.
    • To see a visualization of the signal level, you can use a Wi-Fi analyzation app. There are numerous apps available on Android and iOS App Store.
    • A bandwidth or speed test app may be used to give a more accurate measurement of your Internet connection quality.
    • The performance of the speed test depends on your Internet service plan. If the speed test performance is slow, contact your Internet service provider.

For Existing Installations

  1. Move the access point as close to the appliance as possible.
  2. For signal strength issues, consider using a Wi-Fi signal range extender. See more information on extenders in Wi-Fi Signal Range Extenders.
  3. See also Connected Appliance Connectivity Troubleshooting.

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