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Increase Custom Panel Size


  • Can the Designer (IT, IC, ID) panels be larger than the door or drawer?
  • Make custom panels for a Sub-Zero bigger than the design guide indicates
  • Can a UC-15I(P) Ice Maker panel be made larger than called out in the specs?
  • Can Designer Undercounter (DEU) panels be taller than the door?
  • Can Warming Drawer or Vacuum Seal Drawer custom panels be made larger?


Sub-Zero Designer (IT, IC, ID), Designer Wine Storage (IW), model 427(R) Wine Storage, Designer Undercounter (DEU) and model UC-15I(P) Ice Maker panels can be made larger than the door or drawer of the unit as long as the minimum panel specification requirements are followed.

  • Panels may be made taller or wider as long as they do not bind with adjacent cabinetry and are within the maximum panel weight.
  • Increasing the panel width on the hinge side of a door can lead to the panel binding on the surrounding cabinetry.
  • Maintain minimum reveals around the panel to make sure of the best door or drawer operation.
  • Panels can extend wider on both sides of a drawer panel.
  • Drawer panel height is typically not increased as a 4" toe kick space is needed. Increasing the height above the drawer would make the unit difficult to use and/or access items inside the drawers.

Sub-Zero Classic, Undercounter, and other Wine Storage models are not as flexible when it comes to increasing panel sizes.

  • The only panel that can be increased in size on a Classic model is an overlay or flush inset grille panel.
  • Increasing panel sizes on a BI Series will extend the panel below the door, blocking necessary airflow and can also cause interference when the door is opened or closed.
    • Increasing the panel size to extend above the door is not possible because of the grille.
    • Removing the grille to make room for the panel is not possible, as it would restrict proper airflow for the condenser and would be aesthetically unappealing, as the mechanical components would be visible with the door open.
  • Increasing panel sizes on Legacy Undercounter (UC) units can cause hinge interference. 
  • Refer to the Sub-Zero Design Guide for design specifications.

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