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Sub-Zero Classic Series Audible Tone Adjustment


  • Increase or decrease volume on Classic series (BI) chime or alarm
  • Make alarm louder or quieter on BI


The tone of the electronic control audible chime on any Classic (BI) model is preset at the factory.

  • This preset level or “normal” tone is adjustable down to low or up to high for a total of three possible settings. Hi (for High), nO (for Normal), or Lo (for Low).
  • This is possible through Tone Adjust Mode.
  • Initiate Tone Adjust Mode anytime after the first minute of turning on the unit.

The door ajar alarm volume is not adjustable. To turn the alarm on or off, see Classic Door Ajar Alarm.

Enter Tone Adjust Mode

1. Press and hold either set of Colder and Warmer keys, then press Power. Release all buttons.

  • This initiates the Contrast Adjust Mode, and the letter "C" appears in the display next to the ice cube icon.
  • ​​Do not press and hold Power first, that will turn off the unit.

2. While in Contrast Adjust Mode, press Power, and the letter “S” (for “Sound”) appears at the small digit location in the LCD, indicating the control is now in Tone Adjust Mode.

  • Hi (for High), nO (for Normal), or Lo (for Low) indicate the last tone setting on the right side of the LCD.
  • Press Colder to decrease the tone setting and the chime sounds in the lower/softer tone.
  • Press Warmer to increase the tone setting and the chime sounds in the higher/louder tone.

3. Tone Adjust Mode stops ten seconds after the last button press, or press Alarm to exit.


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