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Sub-Zero Leveling Leg Height Adjustment


  • What is the maximum amount of height adjustment for a Sub-Zero?
  • What is the minimum height needed for a Sub-Zero?
  • What is the lowest height adjustment on a Sub-Zero?
  • What is the highest a Sub-Zero can be adjusted to using the leveling legs?
  • Can the leveling legs be removed?
  • Decrease the height of a Sub-Zero


All Sub-Zero products have a height adjustment of plus or minus 1/2".

  • The 1/2" height adjustment should not be used for planning. Always follow rough opening specifications.
  • Instructions for leveling the unit can be found in the installation guide.
  • Sub-Zero installation videos show leveling leg adjustments being made. Specialty tools are not required.
    • Classic Series - refer to Position the Unit video starting at the 0:58 minute mark. Rotate Phillips head screws at front of base to adjust.
    • Designer Series - refer to Position the Unit video starting at the 1:43 minute mark. Rotate leveling leg at the base to adjust.
  • The leveling legs are primarily for leveling the unit, not for significantly increasing or decreasing the overall product height. 
    • To raise a Sub-Zero more than 1/2", consider placing the unit on a platform to raise the overall height.
  • It is not recommended to remove the leveling legs to decrease the overall product height.
    • Classic models offer a reduced grille accessory. Refer to Built-In Series Grille Height Options.
    • Leveling legs should not be removed, as the support is required and the unit may need to be leveled again.

Refer to the product Installation Guide or the Sub-Zero Design Guide for further information.


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