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Designer Series ID-24F(I) All Freezer Drawer Sales, Feature, and Accessory Information


  • What comes with a 24" Designer (Formerly Integrated) All Freezer Drawer unit?
  • What features does a 24" Designer All Freezer Drawer unit have?
  • What accessories are available for a 24" Designer All Freezer Drawer unit?
  • What are the ID-24F(I) sales, features, and accessories?


ID-24F Website

ID-24FI Website

  • Product images
  • Product videos
  • Overview
  • Features
  • Options and accessories
  • Handle options
  • Specifications and manuals
  • Storage tips

ID-24F Quick Reference Guide

ID-24F(I) Quick Reference Guide

  • 2 page reference with:
    • Specifications
    • Model options
    • Accessories
    • Features

Panel Information

For custom panel information, refer to:

Sub-Zero Designer (Formerly Integrated) accessory stainless steel panels are available in 80" finished heights with a 4" or 6" toe kick.

  • Stainless panels are all 3/4" deep.
  • Sub-Zero stainless steel accessory panels will give the unit 1/4" reveals.
  • Refer to the chart below to determine what panels are needed:
 Part number(s)DescriptionWidthHeight
4" Toe Kick
7025408Tubular Handle23-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
7025360Pro Handle23-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
6" Toe Kick
7025409Tubular Handle23-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower
7025361Pro Handle23-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower
ID-27R4" Toe Kick
7025410Tubular Handle26-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
7025369Pro Handle26-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
6" Toe Kick
7025411Tubular Handle26-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower
7025363Pro Handle26-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower
4" Toe Kick
7023702Tubular Handle29-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
7025308Pro Handle29-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
6" Toe Kick
7023703Tubular Handle29-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower
7025309Pro Handle29-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower
4" Toe Kick
7023704Tubular Handle35-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
7025310Pro Handle35-3/4"13-9/16" upper
16-11/16" lower
6" Toe Kick
7023705Tubular Handle35-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower
7025311Pro Handle35-3/4"13-9/16" upper
14-11/16" lower


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