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Designer Series Ice Maker Addition or Removal


  • Is there an ice maker addition or removal kit for Designer (formerly Integrated) units?
  • Why is no ice maker addition or removal kit available for Designer units like there were for the 700 Series?
  • Can you add an ice maker to a Designer unit?
  • Can you remove the ice maker from a Designer unit?
  • Can I move the ice maker to the upper drawer?


An ice maker cannot be added to or removed from any Designer product after initial manufacturing.

  • An ice maker comes standard in most Designer Column and Designer Tall all freezer or combinations units.
  • The only ice maker free full-size model is the IC-24C.
  • Order drawer freezer or combination units including ID-24F(I), ID-30F(I), ID-30C(I), and ID-36C(I) with or without an ice maker at initial purchase.
  • An ice maker addition or removal package is not available for Designer units.

The ice maker cannot be moved to the upper drawer, or any other location in the unit.

  • The location of the ice maker is set during manufacturing, and it is not possible to change the configuration of components (water line, insulation, wiring, cut out for ice maker) after the unit is produced.
  • It is not possible to order a unit with a custom location for the ice maker.

Sub-Zero does not recommend removing the ice maker from a unit built with an ice maker.

  • Removing an ice maker may result in negative unit performance, electrical issues, excessive frost or ice build-up, and cooling issues.
  • Any issues resulting from removing an ice maker is not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • If not in use, a water line to the unit is not needed.
  • The ice bin area can also be useful for storage if the ice maker is not in use.

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