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Outdoor Grill Side Burner Module Electrical Connection


  • Connecting a Side Burner Module (SB13) to an OG Grill.
  • What are the two white female plugs in front of the OG grill used for?
  • Electrical connectors inside OG grill
  • Install a side burner
  • Side burner auxiliary harness
  • Part #816969


There are one or two connectors near the front of the Outdoor Gas (OG) Grill just above the manifold for SB13, side burner, connection.
  • Locate the connector(s) by looking above the manifold near the front of the grill.
  • Remove the unpopulated connector housing(s) from the wire harness(es) coming from the grill.
  • Attach the appropriate connector housing(s) from the side burner to the grill.
  • If only one connector is found on the grill, refer to the auxiliary harness section for assembly of the second connector housing.
  • If not using a side burner, ignore these connections. The connection for the OG itself is located in the back right hand corner.

The electrical connector is installed in current OG grills.

  • Older OG grills required an auxiliary harness to connect the SB13 Side Burner Module.
  • Side burner auxiliary harness, part number 816969, is required for OG grills prior to the following serial numbers:
    • OG30 - 11364339
    • OG36 - 11363946
    • OG42 - 11363911
Refer to the product installation guide or contact a Factory Certified Installer for further installation information.


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