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Pro Hood Install Height from Cooking Surface


  • Why does the ventilation hood need to be 30-36" from the surface burners?
  • Can the hood be located closer to the countertop than 30"?
  • What if the hood is installed higher than 36" from the surface of the cooking product?
  • Pro Wall Hood countertop distance


Pro Hood Ventilation Hoods and Liners operate best 30" to 36" from the countertop.

  • This distance ensures the best possible capture area to collect and remove grease, odor, smoke, and carbon monoxide emitted by the cooking product from the kitchen.
  • Locating a hood closer to the cooking product than 30" or further away than 36" decreases the ability to remove these cooking byproducts efficiently.
  • Locating a hood closer to a gas burner can affect burner function by pulling air away from the burner.
    • This can cause gas burners to have trouble igniting, or may cause them to not function at all.
    • Gas burners need fresh air around them for proper combustion.
  • This applies regardless of the cooking product installed below the ventilation hood.

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