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Wolf Stacked Installations


  • Can different Wolf products be stacked in any combination?
  • Does every unit in a stacked application need a platform?
  • Clearance or space needed to install stacked Wolf wall units
  • Install one Wolf product over or below another


Wolf Wall Ovens, Convection Steam Ovens, Coffee Systems, Warming Drawers, Cup Warming Drawers, Vacuum Seal Drawers, and Microwaves can be installed in a stacked application in any combination.

  • Make sure specifications and electrical placement are followed for each unit.
  • When planning the placement of products, keep in mind that the controls for all models are designed to be seen at eye level.
  • As long as the opening dimensions are met for each unit, placement of stacked installations will depend on the amount of space you have.
  • A platform is needed for most units when one Wolf product is installed above or below another Wolf product.
  • There are exceptions to units needing a platform. For example, the EC24 Coffee System can sit on a CW24 Cup Warming Drawer.
  • The distance required between the two units depends on the thickness of the platform supporting the upper unit.
  • The trim kits of the two units can touch as long as the platform can support the upper unit.
  • Refer to the individual product installation requirements for platform suggestions or requirements, if provided.
  • Heat from the vents of the upper unit may be uncomfortable due to the height.
  • Escaping steam and heat from one unit does not harm the controls of the other.
  • Use the Reveal tool to create customized design specifications. For more information, refer to Reveal Specification Tool.
  • See also:

Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information and the Wolf Design Guide for design specifications.


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