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Legacy Dual Fuel Range Oven Door Removal


  • How to remove DF Series Legacy Dual Fuel Range oven door
  • Are Wolf ovens shipped with additional hinge pins?
  • DF range oven hinge pin part number
  • What tools are needed to replace a hinge on a DF?
  • What is the oven door hinge pin that is shipped with the oven used for?
  • What is the envelope with the door hinge pin for?
  • What to do when oven door hinge pin was not used and hinge snapped back into oven


A hinge pin, part number 803273, is provided for each oven door of all Legacy Dual Fuel Range Ovens.

  • Hinge pins are required for proper oven door removal.
  • Failure to use the hinge pin to remove an oven door may result in damage to the unit.
  • If the oven door was removed without the use of the hinge pin, contact Factory Certified Service to repair the product.
  • The hinge pin is in a small white envelope packed in the installation guide package.
  • If a replacement hinge pin is needed, contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.

Before removing door:

  • It is strongly recommended to have Factory Certified Service remove an oven door. Performance may be affected if door is not properly installed.
  • Tools required for door removal include:
    • Phillips head screwdriver
    • Flat head screwdriver
    • Hinge pin

For other models, see Oven Door Removal.

To remove the door:

  1. To remove oven door, first open the door to its fully opened position.
  2. Insert the hinge pin through hole in the appropriate hinge arm. Refer to image down below.
  3. Remove the screw and the retainer clip from the hinge cover. 
    • NOTE: On units with a new style single hinge retainer plate, as shown down below, it will require the removal of skirt before door removal.
    • The new style single retainer plate will stay with the door during removal once the two screws that secure the retainer plate are removed. 
  4. Close the oven door to about a 60° angle from the horizontal. 
  5. Lift up on the door while continuing to pull the door away from the unit. 
    • For 48-inch and 60-inch units, complete this procedure for both the left and right oven doors.

To install the door:

  1. Determine what style of hinge retainer is on the unit, using the image down below.
    • On units with a new style single hinge retainer plate, install the single hinge retainer onto the hinge claw before installing door.
    • If replacing old style hinge retainer with new style, you will need to drill a 9/64” hole for the lower screw once door is installed and before installing skirt.
  2. Fully extend hinge claw of hydraulic damper hinge.
  3. Hold oven door on opposite sides, lift door until the hinges are aligned with the hinge openings in the oven frame.
  4. Insert hinge claw of hydraulic damper hinge into hinge pocket before inserting the spring side hinge.
  5. Position door in hinge openings at a 30° angle from vertical.
  6. Insert spring side hinge into hinge pocket.
  7. Lower door to fully opened position and remove hinge pin.
  8. Install plate and screw over hinge opening.
  9. Open and close door to make sure it is properly installed.
  10. If replacing old style hinge retainer with new style, drill a 9/64” hole for the lower screw once door is installed and before installing skirt.
    • For 48-inch and 60-inch units, complete this procedure for both the left and right oven doors.
    • CAUTION: Failure to install the bottom screw will lead to future failure. The hole must be drilled and used to secure the bracket.

    Refer to the product Installation Guide for further information.


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