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Wolf Bake Stone Kit Use and Care Information


  • Use and care information for the Wolf bake stone kit
  • Bake stone recipes, pizza stone recipes
  • How to clean the bake stone
  • Is it okay to soak the bake stone in water?
  • Is the bake stone dishwasher safe?
  • Can both sides of the bake stone be used?
  • Can the bake stone kit be used in an R or GR Series Gas Range?
  • Can a non-Wolf bake stone be used in a Wolf product?
  • Can the bake stone or heating element be stored in the oven?
  • Does the ceramic heating element receptacle cover need to be removed to self-clean the oven?
  • Part number 823244, 812134, 807143, 807142, 802683, 9016697, BSTONE30, 802681, BSTONE36


Ordering Information and Specifications

  • The stone used in all bake stone kits is the same size.
  • The size of the bake stone rack varies depending on model.

Instruction Manuals

Information for the bake stone use and care is available for all Wolf bake stone kits.

    Dual Fuel Ranges, Induction RangesBake Stone Kit Manual
    Legacy E Series, L Series, Legacy Induction Ranges, and Legacy Dual Fuel Ovens After serial # 16000000Bake Stone Kit Manual
    L Series and Legacy Dual Fuel Ovens
    Prior to serial # 16000000
    “Original” Bake Stone Kit Manual
    M Series OvensM Series Bake Stone Kit Manual
    Gas RangesGas Range Bake Stone Kit Manual

    How to Use

    1. The bake stone does not require oiling or seasoning before use. Simply wipe off with a damp cloth.
      • Both sides of a Wolf bake stone can be used.
      • Bake stones are safe to use at any temperature Wolf ovens can be set to.
    2. Remove the laser film from the pizza peel before using.
    3. The Use and Care Guide states the oven racks should be removed. This is to allow for extra room when lifting a pizza up and out with the pizza peel.
    4. Roll out dough on a flat surface, and then transfer it to the pizza peel. Use the pizza peel to place dough on the preheated bake stone.
      • The Bake Stone Use and Care Guide has several recipes that work well with Wolf bake stones.
    5. Do not store the bake stone or element in the oven when using other modes. Performance will be negatively affected.

      Gas Range bake stone tips:

      • Wolf bake stone kits are available for 30" and 36" GR Series Gas Ranges.
      • The Wolf bake stone can be used in R Series Gas Ranges.
        • The oven rack that is included with the bake stone kit will not fit in R Series Gas Ranges.
        • The bake stone should be placed on the bottom rack at the lowest position.
        • Using the full-extension ball-bearing rack with the bake stone is not recommended, as it cannot be placed in the bottom rack position.
      • It is recommended that the oven and bake stone be preheated to a high temperature; 500° - 550°F.

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      How to Clean

      • Remove excess food from the bake stone using a scraper. Brush off any crumbs.
      • Allow the bake stone to cool completely before wiping with a wet cloth. Wet cloths on a hot surface can cause steam burns.
      • Bake stones are extremely porous. Do not soak one in water, place in a dishwasher, or clean with soap or detergent. The stone could absorb the taste and transmit those flavors to the food.
      • Stubborn stains may occur on the bake stone. These will not impair the flavor of the food being cooked or the performance of the bake stone.
      • It is not necessary to remove the element receptacle cover when self-cleaning the oven.

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