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MD Drawer Microwave Control Panel Key Pad or Controls Unresponsive


  • MD Drawer Microwave control panel not responding
  • MD Drawer Microwave with unresponsive or erratic controls
  • Buttons do not work on Microwave Drawer touch pad
  • Unable to operate Drawer Microwave
  • MD model Drawer Microwave flashes "Welcome" and does not reset
  • Part number 828279, 828280


  1. Make sure the product has power to it. Test the outlet with another product (lamp, phone charger, etc.) if possible.
  2. Use the pad or tip of the finger and not the fingernail to press the buttons.
    • The touch pad responds to reverse magnetism in fingertips.
    • Sometimes, if fingertips are cold, warming the hands before attempting to press buttons helps the touch pad respond to the input.
  3. Verify the control panel lock is not on. Refer to MD Drawer Microwave Control Lock for instructions.
  4. Verify the cabinet opening is not putting downward pressure on the control panel.
  5. Verify that bottom reveal is at least 11/16" and has a trim vent in place. 
  6. Depending on the unit Serial Number, the slide rails are adjustible. Refer to MD Drawer Microwave Slide Rail Adjustment for serial number break and instructions.
  7. Turn the home circuit breaker to the unit off for 10 seconds then back on again.
  8. Retest the unit operation.
  9. If the control panel does not respond after following these steps, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

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If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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