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MD Drawer Microwave Flush Inset Vent


  • Is a sales accessory or anything extra needed to install a Drawer Microwave in a flush inset application?
  • Flush inset vent, air deflector accessory for MD24 or MD30
  • Part number 822113, 822114; instruction sheet 822117
  • List of components included
  • Transitional and Professional Drawer Microwaves require a sales accessory flush inset vent (air deflector) to direct air away from the units installed in a flush inset application.
  • In a flush inset application, the lack of proper airflow can result in poor performance or damage to the unit.
  • Use air deflector part number 822113 for 24" units and part number 822114 for 30" units.
  • The air deflector does not add dimension to the flush inset specifications. For additional information, refer to the Wolf Design Guide and the product Installation Guide.
  • The air deflector is a metal trim that helps with proper airflow by directing air out the front of the unit.
  • The deflector covers the 3/4" platform reveal, which is larger than the 1/8" side reveals.
  • The air deflector is 3/4" high and 2-3/4" deep. Part 822113 is 24" wide, part 822114 is 30" wide.
  • The air deflector is not required for a standard installation.

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