Clean the Condenser

Core Issue:

  • How do you clean the condenser?
  • "Service" or "Vacuum Condenser" is flashing
  • Sub-Zero is running constantly or not cooling
  • Sub-Zero temperatures are warm or hot
  • Is there a chemical cleaner or degreaser that can be used to clean the condenser?
  • There is a screen cage in front of the condenser, can it be removed?
  • How do you remove the filter screen blocking the condenser?


Condenser cleaning should be performed every six to twelve months.

  • Clean the condenser more often if pets are present.
  • Do not bend the aluminum fins of the condenser.
  • If unit is experiencing temperature issues, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair if temperatures do not return to set point after cleaning the condenser.
  • Refer to the product use and care guide for further information.

Use the links below for specific instructions for each model line:

If the service icon is flashing, follow the links below for information on how to clear the error code:

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