Oven Door Opening Operation


  • What ovens have a slow opening door, dampened hinge, or balanced hinge system?
  • Oven door falls open too fast or too hard
  • Oven door slams open
  • Is it normal for the door on an R Series Gas Range to drop open?
  • When did the door on an R Series Gas Range change?
  • What is the serial number break for the new door hinge system on the R Series Gas Range?
  • Can you retrofit the new door hinge system to units prior to 17000000?

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Oven door opening operation varies by product line.

Dual Fuel (DF) Ranges, GR Series Gas Ranges, IR Induction Ranges, M Series, and L Series Wall Ovens

  • Products use a spring and damper system, which allows the door to open smoothly with ease to a full open position.
  • If the oven door falls open too fast or easily the spring, and damper door system may be damaged.
  • M Series Oven doors have additional features. See also, M Series Oven Door.

E Series Wall Ovens

  • E Series Ovens feature a balanced hinge design, which allows the door to stay in any specific opened position.

R Series Gas Range

  • The hinge has changed over time on this model, so the unit might open differently depending on its serial number.
  • Starting with serial # 17000000, products use a damper door hinge to provide a slower and gentler door opening.
  • Prior to serial # 17000000, the door dropped open more quickly. This is normal operation.
  • The damper door hinge system is not retrofitable to units prior to 17000000.

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Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for more information.


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