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Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Manual Compartment Disable


  • How to turn off or disable one section of a Classic (BI) combination refrigerator freezer unit
  • Shut off either refrigerator or freezer only on BI models for cleaning
  • Classic manual zone disable mode
  • How to disable a compartment


For over-and-under and side-by-side models, it is possible to turn off one section of a combination unit for an extended period without disrupting the other. To do so:

  1. Turn the unit off by pressing the POWER key.
  2. Press and hold the WARMER key of the section you want to disable. You should hear a beep indicating that the button has sensed your finger.
  3. While still holding the WARMER key, press the POWER key.
  4. Release both keys.
  5. The disabled section shows a double dash "--" in the control center display panel.
  6. Repeat the process in the same order to turn the section back on.

If this fails to enable or disable the desired zone, try again. Make sure the unit is being turned off first.

  • A beep indicates the button sensed the touch input.
  • Lights function in the disabled section.
  • Note: On all series, disabling a zone will have no effect on the light terminator. The lights still go out if the door is left open.
    • If the lights go out due to the light terminator, the door will need to be closed without opening for 45 minutes before the disabled section can be turned back on.
    • Bypass the 45 minute wait by resetting the circuit breaker. The disabled zone can then be turned on.
    • Refer to Sub-Zero Light Terminators for more information.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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