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Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Bypass Water Filter


  • How do you bypass the water filter on a Classic series (BI)?
  • Bypass water filter use on a BI
  • Do not want to use the water filter
  • Turn water filter off


First, use the Sub-Zero Water Filter Finder or look at the part number on the current filter to determine which water filter is used. Instructions to bypass the water filter on a Classic (BI) unit vary depending on which filter the unit uses.

Part NumberNotesBypass Water Filter Instructions

Twist-in style

  1. Remove the water filter cartridge by twisting and pulling it out.
    • If the filter is not installed, the filter function is not in use.
    • In bypass mode, the water supplied to the unit is not filtered.
    • The water filter monitor must be turned off and turned on again if a new filter is inserted.

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Push-in style

Microbiological filter is no longer available.

Original part may be labeled 7000856, 7000856E, or 7005017.

  1. Order a water bypass plug, part number 7011209, to bypass water filtration.
  2. Lift the grille assembly to access the water filter. To lift the grille, pull out on the bottom edge of the grille and tilt the grille frame forward.
  3. Push the water filter cartridge in and then pull it out. There will be water in the filter cartridge, so it is normal for a small amount of water to spill out.
  4. Remove the filter bypass plug from its packaging and remove the caps.
  5. Line up the plug so that the tabs will slide around the filter base.
  6. Push the bypass plug-in until you hear a click. The bypass plug is securely installed if it cannot be removed by pulling on it slightly.
  7. Once installed, press the filter reset button five times within seven seconds to turn off the filter life monitor. The filter life indicator is no longer shown in the control panel.

Refer to Classic Water Filter Bypass Plug for additional information and instruction on how to turn off the water filter icon in bypass mode.


Push-in style.

Color, taste, and odor only.

Use this filter to replace 7009931.

Genuine Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove parts are available by calling the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area. Only filters and cleaners are available for online purchase in the Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Store. Other parts are not available for purchase online. Use Locator to find the Parts Distributor for your area.


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