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Sub-Zero Does Not Have a Water Filter


  • Does a 600 Series, 500 Series, 700 Series, 200/300 Series, Designer (formerly Integrated) Series come with a water filter?
  • Is a water filter provided with this product?
  • How to tell if a water filter comes with a Sub-Zero
  • Does a Sub-Zero come with an in-line water filter?
  • No in-line water filtration for Sub-Zero


For the most applicable information, first determine your product model by referring to the serial tag. To locate the serial tag, refer to Sub-Zero Serial Tag Locations.

Products WITH Water Filtration Systems:

The following Sub-Zero products come standard with a water filtration system. One water filter ships with the product. See also, How to Replace a Water Filter.

  • Classic (CL) Refrigeration
  • Legacy Classic (BI) Refrigeration
  • Designer (DET, DEC) Tall, and Column Models
  • Legacy Designer (IT, IC) Tall and Column Models
  • Legacy Designer Wine (IW) model IW-30CI
  • UC-15I Undercounter Ice Maker
  • 648PRO
  • PRO 36 and PRO 48

Products WITHOUT Water Filtration Systems:

All other Sub-Zero products come without a water filter. It is not possible to add an internal water filtration system but a home In-Line Water Filter can be added. See In-Line Water Filter Information for information on how to install an after market water filter in any of these models. Units that do not include water filtration systems include:

  • All Wine Storage Products, with the exception of model IW-30CI as noted above
  • 600 Series: 601, 611, 632, 642, 650, 661, 680, 685, 690, 695
  • 500 Series: 501, 511, 532, 542, 550, 561, 590
  • 200/300 Series: 201, 211, 215, 241, 245, 249, 251, 2011, 2511, 2711, 2811, 361, 3211, 801
  • 700 Series: 700, 736
    • IC-27R, IC-27F - These are 700 Series units.
  • Undercounter: UC-24R, UC-24C, UC-24BG
  • Designer Undercounter: DEU
  • Designer (formerly Integrated) Drawer: ID-24FI, ID-30CI, ID-30FI, ID-36CI
  • Older ice makers: 505 or 506 Ice Maker, 221 Ice Maker, 235 Ice Maker, 315I Ice Maker

Water filter expiration alerts:

If a unit has no water filter installed, expiration reminders may still appear. To turn these off, refer to:

See also:


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