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Odor Outside a Refrigerator


  • How to remove odors or odd smells on the exterior of a refrigerator or freezer?
  • Odor under a refrigerator from pests (rodents, insects, mice, etc.)
  • Bad smell around refrigerator, interior smells fine


  • High refrigerator/freezer temperatures
  • Door seal cracked or torn
  • Service error indicators on the control panel
  • Standing water or other foreign matter in drain pan
  • Clogged drain tubes or standing water on the refrigerator floor
  • Extended power loss


  1. Determine if the odor is coming from the compressor area. See How to Clean the Condenser.
    • A dirty condenser can create additional heat and a musty odor.
  2. Make sure the condenser fan works. If the condenser fan is inoperative, it can create heat and a musty smell.
  3. If the unit was recently installed or the room remodeled, construction in and around the unit can produce odors.
    • Air movement in and around the machine may enhance normal “curing odors” from cabinet panel(s), wood stains, floor sealers, tile grout, or other adhesives.
    • Consult with the contractor if this type of odor persists.
  4. If odor is coming from an area near the bottom of the unit:
    • Remove and Clean the Drain Pan if needed.
    • Check for any rodents or pet problems under the unit.
    • Consult with a local pest control professional or home cleaning service.
    • The unit may need to be removed from the opening to correct, and this would not be a warranty issue.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair. 


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