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Wine Storage Temperature Alarm Connected to Home Alarm System


  • How does temperature alarm on 400 Series connect to home alarm system?
  • When does the home alarm system get triggers from the Wine Storage unit?
  • What happens when temperatures rise on UW-24 Undercounter Wine Storage connected to home alarm system?
  • How to test alarm operation in a WS-30?


400 Series Wine Storage and UW-24 Undercounter Wine Storage products have a temperature alarm that chimes when temperatures are too cold or too warm.

  • The WS-30 is considered a 400 Series Wine Storage unit.
  • The Wine Storage unit may be connected to a home security system using wiring identified for home security connections.
  • The home alarm wires are connected to switches in the control board; one lead is NO (normally open) and the other NC (normally closed). A third lead is ground.
    • Having one NO and one NC switch defines their “idle” state.
    • When an event occurs, they change to their opposite state, which creates the error and alarm.
  • The home security system company is typically responsible for connecting a Wine Storage product to the alarm system.
  • In order to test the alarm, open the unit and allow it to warm to the setpoint that will trigger the alarm.
  • An audible chime indicates temperature is below 32°F or 15°F (8°C) above the set temperature.
  • See also, Designer (Formerly Integrated) Wine (IW) Home Security Connection.

Refer to the product Installation Guide for further installation information.


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