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CT Induction and CT Electric Cooktop Volume Adjustment


  • CT Induction volume is too loud or very faint
  • Turn volume up or down on CT Electric Cooktop annunciator
  • What does Vol or FrE on the control mean?


The CT Induction and Electric Cooktop annunciator volume is adjustable using the timer controls as a User Option. The unit must be in Idle Mode in order to adjust either the volume or the frequency.

This setting adjustment is only possible on Induction Cooktops greater than serial number 16,000,000, and Electric cooktops greater than 17,000,000.

To enter User Options from Idle Mode:

  1. Press and hold the CLEAR key for 3 seconds to activate the volume adjustment.
    • The 3-digit display will show "Vol".
  2. Press and hold the CLEAR key for more than 5 seconds to activate the frequency adjustment.
    • The 3-digit display will show "FrE".
  3. Both the volume and frequency are adjustable using the timer "-" and "+" keys.
    • One touch equals 1 step up/down in volume or frequency.
    • Power Level Indicator - LEDs will show the current status of the volume/frequency and change with the user’s input.
      • 1 LED = Low
      • 8 LEDs = Medium
      • 16 LEDs = High
      • As the volume/frequency is adjusted, the annunciator will beep with each change. The beep will represent the volume/frequency level that is currently displayed by the Power Level Indicator - LEDs.
  4. To accept changes press and hold the CLEAR key for 3 seconds or press nothing for more than 10 seconds.
    • Holding the CLEAR key for more than seven seconds or not pressing any keys for 10+ seconds will deactivate the User Options and return the unit to Idle Mode.

Refer to the product use and care guide for further information.


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