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Wolf Surface Burner or Oven Knob Stuck or Loose


  • Oven or burner knob will not move, rotate, or turn
  • Can the oven or burner control knob or burner valve stem be lubricated to prevent sticking?
  • Burner knob or oven knob is loose
  • Burner knob or valve stem spins freely on Gas Cooktop, Rangetop, Range, or Dual Fuel
  • Control knob or stem is stuck
  • Burner does not turn on
  • Knob insert left on valve stem


  1. Make sure correct knobs were ordered and received.
    • GR Gas Range and Dual Fuel Range Oven Control knobs look very similar but are different and are not interchangeable.
    • The knobs for the surface burners are interchangeable.
    • See also, Dual Fuel and GR Gas Range Knob Compatibility.
  2. Verify the knob installation is correct.
    • Knobs may fit in more than one location. For example, a burner knob may fit where the oven knob should be.
    • Extra knobs come with the Dual Fuel Range.
    • Knobs slip onto the burner shaft. To remove, pull the knob out. To reinsert, push the knob onto the shaft.
    • If the burner shaft is bent, contact Factory Certified Service for repair.
    • It is normal for the Griddle Knob to Be Slightly Looser than the burner knobs.
  3. Dual Fuel Range and GR Gas Range surface burner knobs have a black metal insert.
    • When removing the knob, the insert may stay on the valve stem shaft, causing the new knob to sit out too far and be loose.
    • Remove the black insert from the valve stem if needed.
  4. Inspect the burner control knob for chips or cracks and replace the knob if broken.
  5. Make sure the knob is being pressed down for cooktops or pressed in for ranges and Dual Fuel before attempting to rotate the knob.
  6. Turn the knob on and off several times to work valve grease in if the knobs are hard to turn.
  7. If the surface burner will not shut off, replace the broken knob with one of the other knobs and turn the burner to the off position.
    • Lubricant is not recommended for surface burner knobs if stuck on any Wolf appliance.
    • Discontinue use of burner until serviced.
  8. If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

See also, Gas Surface Burner Knob Does Not Stay in Position.

Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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