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Legacy E Series Oven Remote Ready Setup with App


  • Turn oven on using the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App
  • Remote access screen
  • Wolf Remote Ready feature
  • Remote setup mode
  • Benefits of remote access
  • Remote start


To turn the oven on remotely, enable the remote ready feature before each use.

  • The remote ready feature does not support Proof, Clean, Broil, Gourmet, and Convection Broil. To access these modes, turn them on manually using the control panel. Then, they are accessible in the app.
  • Remote ready is available for both ovens in double oven models.
  • Only one cavity can be in remote ready at once in double oven models.

For information about current models, refer to E Series Oven Remote Ready Setup with App.

To set up remote access for Legacy E Series Wolf ovens:

  1. For double ovens, touch UPPER/LOWER to select oven.
  2. Touch the cooking mode on the control panel twice. "Remote Setup Mode" appears on the display.
  3. Use the number pads to select the temperature.
  4. Touch ENTER.
  5. Open the door within 10 seconds.
  6. Close the door within 30 seconds. “Remote Ready Mode” appears and stays on the display until the oven is accessed from the app.
  7. After each setup, the oven can be started remotely from the app later.

To cancel the remote ready feature, open the door or touch any button on the control panel.

  • The remote ready mode does not time out. It will stay until the oven is turned on from the app, or the feature is canceled.

While accessing the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App, if a message appears indicating that the appliance firmware needs to be updated, refer to Connected Module Firmware Updates

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