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600 Series Sabbath Mode


  • How do you enter Sabbath Mode on a 600 Series product?
  • Sub-Zero Sabbath Mode instructions for 601, 611, 650, 632, 642, 661, 680, 685, 660, 695
  • What process is used to turn on Sabbath Mode on a refrigeration unit?
  • Are the Sub-Zero units Star-K compliant?
  • Star-K information for Sub-Zero products


While in Sabbath Mode, 600 Series Sub-Zero models will disable the lights, ice maker, door alarm, and dispenser. Normal cooling operations will still take place.

  • There is a difference between the Sabbath Mode and Star-K compliance.
    • Sabbath Mode is standard on 600 Series products; however, Star-K compliance requires more strict adherence to Star-K guidelines.
  • Some 600 Series models are certified by Star-K to meet strict religious regulations when used along with specific instructions found on the Star-K Website.
    • 600 Series products require the installation of a harness kit to be Star-K compliant.
    • For details about the harness kit, contact your authorized Sub-Zero Dealer.
  • See also, Sub-Zero Sabbath Mode and Star-K Information.

To enter Sabbath Mode on 600 Series products:

  1. While the product is turned on, press the UNIT ON/OFF key on control panel until "OFF" appears in the display. The control panel is found at the top of the unit interior when the door is open.
  2. Press and hold the UNIT ON/OFF key for 10 seconds to enter Sabbath Mode.
    • ​The temperatures appear dimly on the display. The unit will operate but lights will not turn on when the door is opened.
    • The cooling fan will turn off when the door is opened and on when the door is closed while in Sabbath mode.
    • Tape the fan switch(es) down during Sabbath Mode to prevent the fan from turning off when the door is opened.
    • Make sure the tape is removed after Sabbath Mode is turned off in order to prevent performance issues.
    • If the unit is off instead of being in Sabbath Mode, the word OFF appears on the display.
    • In the event of a power failure, when power returns, the unit will return to this mode.

To exit Sabbath Mode and return to normal operating conditions, press UNIT ON/OFF.

  • The lights turn on and normal operation is restored.
  • ​​If the entire unit turns off when UNIT ON/OFF is pressed, the unit was not in Sabbath Mode.
  • Refer to No Lights in Refrigerator or Freezer.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.

If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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