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Classic Series (BI) vs. Designer Series (IT, IC) Comparison


  • What is the difference between a Classic (BI) unit and a Designer (IT, IC) unit?
  • Selling point differences between Classic vs Designer models
  • Selling features of Classic vs Designer models
  • Designer versus Classic differences


The key differences between the Designer (IT, IC) and the Classic (BI) lines are as follows:

  • Designer models have a more "seamless" look than Classic models. In other words, Designer units show less metal.
      • The Designer line is more of a "cabinet" look. Designer units blend seamlessly into the kitchen.
      • Designers typically select models from the Designer line, as the Designer look helps create a seamless kitchen.
    • With Classic models, the presence of the refrigerator in the kitchen is more apparent.
      • The Classic line expands on the traditional look that Sub-Zero has had for decades.
    • If the unit will be freestanding, or the sides of the refrigerator will be partially exposed, Sub-Zero recommends the Classic line.
    • To visually compare different models, refer to the Sub-Zero Refrigeration Product Page.

Feature and measurement differences:

FeatureClassic (BI)Designer
Available Widths30”, 36”, 42”, 48”24”, 30”, 36”
27” available in ID-27R only.
(700 Series 27” models discontinued.)
Unit OrientationOver/under: One freezer drawer.
Side by side: One door each side.
Tall units: One door, two drawers.
Column units: One door.
Control PanelIlluminated touch control.Interactive touch screen control.
Compressor or Grille LocationTop of unit.
Flip up for easy access.
Bottom of unit.
Toe Kick4” toe kick.Panels can be sized for 4” or 6” toe kick.
Rough Opening Depth24” for Standard.
26 3/16” for Flush inset.
25” for Designer look.
RevealStandard has no reveal.
Flush inset has a ½” reveal.
1/8” reveal.
Side PanelsStainless steel or custom option. Attachment instructions available.Not available. No side panel attachment instructions available.
External DispenserAvailable on SD model.Not available.
Matching Wine Storage UnitWS-30, BW-30IW Wine Storage
Same Side Hinge for Dual InstallationMinimum 2" filler recommended.Can be placed side by side. No filler required.
Standard InstallationCan be installed standard.Standard install not available.
Water FilterAll BI SeriesDesigner
(700 and IC-27 Series did not have water filtration.)
36" All Freezer Model?BI-36FIC-36FI
Glass Door Model?BI-30UG, BI-36RG, BI-36RGNo Glass Door models.
Drawer Model?Not available.ID-30FI, ID-30RP, ID-36CI, ID-30RP,
Wrap-Around Stainless Steel DoorsAll /S models
(Unit comes from factory with stainless steel doors.)
Not available.
(Stainless steel panels available as a sales accessory.)
French Door Model?BI-36UFD, BI-42UFDNot available.
Spill-Proof ShelvesFramed glass contains small spills.Nano-coated shelving prevents spills from spreading.


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