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Change Sub-Zero Door Hinge Side


  • Why can the door swing on a Sub-Zero not be changed?
  • On a 500, 600, 700, 400, Classic Series (BI), Classic Wine (BW), or Undercounter Wine (UW) can the door be reversed?
  • Can the door swing on a Legacy Undercounter Series (UC), Designer Undercounter (DEU), Undercounter Ice Maker, Designer (IT, IC), or Designer Wine (IW) be switched?
  • Change Sub-Zero door swing from left hinge to right hinge or from right hinge to left hinge
  • Reverse door, reverse door swing, or reverse door hinge


The door swing of a Sub-Zero cannot be changed on most models. There is no hinge mechanism, mounting plate, or support to hold the door on the non-hinge side.

  • The models listed in the table below may have the door swing reversed after installation. Any model not listed is not able to have the door reversed.
  • Only the UC-15I Ice Maker may have the door reversed in the field. It is not possible to change the door swing of all other Legacy UC Undercounter Models. See UC-24 Door Swing Reversal.
  • Additional parts are needed to change most door swings to the opposite side. Contact a Factory Certified Parts Distributor to order parts.
  • Freestanding Undercounter Wine Storage units are only available as right hinge units. Refer to Freestanding Undercounter Wine Storage Hinge Options for more information.

249R, 249RP, 244RFD

Starting with serial # 0356747

Contact a Factory Certified Installer for further installation information.


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