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Reverse Door Swing on 315I Undercounter Ice Maker


  • How do you change the door swing on a 315I(P)?
  • Are any special parts needed to change the door swing on the undercounter ice maker?
  • Does the 315I(P) come with all the parts needed to hinge the unit on the other side?


The 315I(P) Undercounter Ice Maker is shipped with the door hinged at the right but may be reversed to the other side if needed.

Steps to reverse the door swing:

  1. Remove the hinge cover.
  2. Remove the door by removing the four screws that secure the door to the door hinges.
  3. Remove the door hinges by removing the four screws that secure them to the unit.
  4. Remove the four screws from the opposite hinge side (or left-hand hinge mounting holes) and reposition into the right-hand hinge mounting holes.
  5. Install the hinges using the left-hand cabinet mounting holes.
  6. Install the door using the left-hand door mounting holes.
  7. Remove the two screws which secure the upper door panel mounting bracket.
  8. Install the upper door panel mounting bracket using the left-hand mounting holes.
  9. Install the left-hand door hinge cover with the original screws.
  10. Check the operation of the door by opening and closing it.

Refer to the product installation guide or contact a Factory Certified Installer for further installation information.


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