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Sub-Zero 3/4" and 1" Tubular Handle with Obround Standoff


  • What are the handle length, depth, stud spacing, stand off height, and diameter dimensions?
  • Are handles solid stainless steel?
  • Obround standoff tubular handle instructions
  • Part number 0000025, 0000026, 0000027, 0000036, 0000037, 0000039, 0000040
  • Instructions for handle hardware package part number 4202910, 4203980, 4203981, 4203982
  • Round standoff handle instructions for STASTEEL24X1, STASTEEL30X1, STASTEEL44X1, STASTEEL55X1, and STASTEEL64X1
  • Instruction sheet number 3756322, 3756323


Stainless steel handles are solid stainless steel exterior with a hollow core. The size of the core varies by handle.

  • Designer (IT, IC, ID), overlay, and flush inset models do not come with handles. Handles must be purchased separately.
  • Refer to Sub-Zero Tubular Handle for information regarding current handles with square standoffs, including images.

3/4" Tubular Handle with Obround Standoff

Handle Part NumberLength x DiameterStandoff Part NumberStandoff SizeDepth
000003618" x 3/4"42039802-3/8" x 1"1-3/4"
000003933" x 3/4"
700724624-3/16" x 3/4"
700725041-3/16" x 3/4"

1" Tubular Handle

Handle Part
Length x DiameterStandoff ShapeStandoff SizeStandoff Part NumberDepth
700724724" x 1"Obround2-3/8" x 3/4"42039702"
700724830" x 1"Obround
700725144" x 1"Obround
700725255" x 1"Obround
700725364" x 1"Obround
STASTEEL24X124" x 1"Round1"Not available as a separate part. Handle assembly must be ordered.
STASTEEL30X130" x 1"Round
STASTEEL44X144" x 1"Round
STASTEEL55X155" x 1"Round
STASTEEL64X164" x 1"Round

Refer to Sub-Zero Handle Depth for depth information of tubular and pro handle options.

Refer to the product Installation Guide for panel installation information and to a Local Dealer for further sales information.


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