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Water Leaking Under a Sub-Zero


  • Water underneath a Sub-Zero refrigerator
  • Water leak from under the bottom of a Sub-Zero
  • What to do if water leaks below a Sub-Zero


  • Home plumbing loose connection or leak
  • Water valve failure
  • Drain pan crack or overfill
  • Moisture or condensation


1. Shut Off Water Supply and Examine Unit

  1. Find the home water supply shut-off valve to the unit and turn the water supply off.
  2. Remove the kickplate at the bottom of the unit. 
    • The kickplate is typically held in by two or four screws. 
    • There may be a decorative cover over the kickplate. If so, remove it first.

2. Determine Water Source

  • Note: If the amount of water is greater than a pint, it is likely leaking from the water valve on the product, or the home plumbing connections to the unit.
Home plumbing connections leaking

If water is leaking from the home plumbing connections, contact a local plumber.

Water valve on the product leaking

The water valve may need replacement. Factory Certified Service is needed to replace this part.

Drain pan leaks or overflows

If water is overflowing from the drain pan, verify that the pan is properly installed and level.

  • NOTE: Drain pans are not accessible for these products:
    • 700 Series
    • Designer (formerly Integrated) Series
    • Wine Storage Units
    • Undercounter Series

If water leaks from the drain pan area, the pan may be cracked or broken. 

Water in standing puddle or flowingWater may originate from inside the refrigerator or freezer section. See Water Leaking from a Sub-Zero for suggestions.
Water on the door, door hinge, or door gasketThe drain tube may be clogged. See Water Leaking from a Sub-Zero for suggestions.

Additional Resources

If the water leak is still present, service is necessary to expertly diagnose and repair the product. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

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