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PRO3650 and PRO4850 Refrigeration Lighting


  • PRO4850 and PRO3650 overhead lights do not come on
  • What lighting should be inside the PRO4850G
  • Does the PRO3650G have overhead lighting?
  • Lights not coming on in Professional Refrigeration models
  • Lights dim with the door open
  • Lights flicker in PRO models
  • Light bulbs for PRO models
  • Accent lighting color


PRO4850 and PRO3650 models do not have traditional overhead lighting. Accent lighting is used to illuminate the interior.

  • Bulbs are not used for overhead lighting. An LED light assembly is installed in place of a light diffuser.
  • The upper light assembly requires service in order to replace.
  • The lighting in the drawers is LED tubes that require service in order to replace.

Lights Dimming:

Professional Series units have an Overheat Protection Mode that will activate after a door has been open for three minutes.

  • The lights will dim and stay dimmed for three minutes to cool down.
  • Overheat Protection Mode, Lights Dimmed for 180 Seconds, Touch to Dismiss will appear on the display.
  • The seconds will count down.

Turn Lights On/Off:

Sub-Zero interior accent lights can be turned on and off at the control panel:

  1. Tap the Settings icon .
    • For legacy products, first touch and hold the Automatic Display Lock icon  for 3 seconds to access Settings.
  2. Tap the right arrow to scroll to the Lights icon .
  3. Tap the Lights icon .
  4. Tap the Accent Light icon to turn the accent light to HI, MED, LO, or OFF.
  5. Tap Soft On to change the Soft On feature to 0 seconds, 4 seconds, or 2 seconds. 
  6. Tap the Return iconto return to the Lights screen. Or wait 10 seconds to return to Settings.

Lights in the glass door do not change color.

If lighting is flickering or needs to be replaced, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.

See also, 

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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