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Wolf Cookware Recommendations


  • What cookware is safe to use in the Oven, Microwave Oven, Convection Steam Oven?
  • What pots and pans are recommended for use with Wolf?
  • Does Wolf recommend a specific brand of pots and pans for Wolf products?
  • Gray or silver residue left on burner grates
  • Can you leave pots on top of a cooktop when not in use?
  • Can a hot pan be placed on the Induction Cooktop?


Wolf does not have a specific cookware brand recommendation for Wolf products.

Glass cooktops:

  • Pots can be left on a non-induction cooktop.
    • Since induction works along with having a pot on the surface, leaving pots on an Induction Cooktop is not recommended.    
  • Sliding pans back and forth over time may cause increased scratching of the glass top surface. There is no solution for scratches on glass cooktop.
  • A hot dish or pan from the oven can be placed on the Induction Cooktop surface. It will not cause any damage to the glass or elements.

Gas cooktops:

  • Stainless and other metal cookware will leave white or silver residue on burner grates; this is considered normal.


  • Convection modes in Wolf Ovens use airflow to distribute heat evenly. Containers with lids, or baking sheets with edges will block that airflow, eliminating the advantages of convection.

For further cookware recommendations, see also:

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Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for cookware recommendations.


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