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CT Electric Cooktop Showroom Mode Instructions


  • How do you take an Electric Cooktop out of Showroom mode?
  • How do you put an Electric Cooktop into Showroom mode?
  • Is a service technician required to for the Showroom mode on an Electric Cooktop?
  • What is the serial number breaker for the Electric Cooktop having a Showroom mode?
  • Electric Cooktop does not work and SHR or 5HR is shown on the control
  • How to enter Showroom or Demo mode on an Electric Cooktop
  • Customer reports 5 HR showing in display


Depending on the unit's serial number, service may be required to take the unit in or out of Showroom mode. The serial number is on the rating plate on the underside of the cooktop as shown:

Prior to serial number 17000000, contact Factory Certified Service to put unit into or take out of Showroom mode.

  • If there is a power loss, the unit will start up in normal operational mode.
  • 120 VAC operation of Showroom mode requires a showroom kit with transformer, part number 810198.
  • Showroom mode is to turn off the heating elements while still giving the user complete functionality of the controls.

Starting with serial number 17000000, use the following instructions:

Entering Showroom mode:

  1. From Lock mode, press and hold the front element Melt key for five seconds.
    • The control will enter the Showroom mode.
    • If any other key sensor detects another input signal, Showroom mode will not start.

Exiting Showroom mode:

  1. From Lock mode, press and hold the front element Melt key for five seconds.
  2. The control will exit the Showroom mode.
    • When exiting the Showroom mode, the control should reset itself and go through the normal power-up cycle as if power were interrupted.

For instructions on how to enter Lock mode, refer to CT Electric Cooktop Lock Mode.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


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