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Wolf Legacy Induction Range Showroom Mode


  • How to enter showroom or demo mode on the Legacy Induction Range
  • Display mode entry on Legacy Induction Ranges
  • Legacy Induction Range Showroom Mode
  • Part number 7016355


Legacy Induction Range Showroom Mode Features

  • Power cord, part number 7016355, is required for this Showroom Mode setup. It is a 120 Volt power cord.
  • For 240 Volt display installations, only the cooktop can be set to Showroom Mode. The oven heating functions cannot be disabled.
  • Showroom model provides functionality of the controls without supplying power to the burners.
  • Fans and hot surface indicators are disabled.
  • All visual and audible feedback functions as if the cooktop is in Operation Mode except for pot/pan detection.
  • "SH" appears at all times unless the timer is activated.
  • After 5 minutes of inactivity, "SH" will again be visible in the display.
  • During a power loss if the unit is in Showroom Mode, when power is restored the unit powers up in lock mode with Showroom Mode activated.

Enter Showroom Mode (Oven)

  1. In the back of the unit at the terminal block, remove all red wires from the terminals. The black and white wires will stay in place.
  2. Tape connectors labeled #39 and #21 with electrical tape as a precaution.
  3. Move red wires labeled N1 and N2 onto empty neutral terminals.
  4. Install replacement power cord to empty black L1 terminal stud and Neutral stud.
  5. Install into a showroom on a 120V AC designated circuit.

Exit Showroom Mode (Oven)

  1. Reverse the procedure and install the unit with a 240V power supply.

Entering Showroom Mode (Cooktop)
Enter and exit Showroom Mode through Diagnostic Mode.

  1. Press and hold Lock for three seconds to lock the unit.
  2. Release the lock key.
  3. Touch and hold + and - pad at the same time and hold for five seconds.
    • 1 LED is activated
  4. Press + six times; now 7 LEDs are activated.
  5. Touch front control zone H or Hi keypad to engage Showroom Mode.
    • SH appears in the Timer window.
  6. Touch ALL OFF key to exit Diagnostic Mode.

Exit Showroom Mode (Cooktop)

  1. Repeat the steps 1 through 4 above.
  2. Touch front control zone Sim or Melt key to disengage Showroom Mode.
  3. SH no longer displays in the Timer window and the unit is in normal operation mode.

For current Induction Range models, refer to Wolf Dual Fuel Range and Induction Range Showroom Mode.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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