Classic (Formerly Built-In) Model Water Filter Part Number


  • Part number for the replacement water filter on Classic (Formerly Built-In) (BI)
  • Which water filter to order for BI Sub-Zero
  • What water filter does unit use?
  • CTO or color, taste, and odor water filter part number
  • What filter replaces filter part number 7000856 or 7000856E?
  • Water filter part number 7012975, 7023815, 7023816, 7005017
  • Is a filter with one prong or two prongs needed for a BI unit?
  • Water filter finder


Use either the current water filter part number or the unit serial number in the Sub-Zero Water Filter Finder to determine which filter is needed for replacement.

  • Refer to Sub-Zero Does Not Have a Water Filtration System for a list of units that have a water filter and units that do not.
  • Some models have one-prong water filters. Some models have two-prong water filters.
  • If the current filter has two prongs, the original replacement part was 7005017 or 7009931. These part numbers will no longer work.*
  • The Sub-Zero warranty does not cover water filter replacement.
  • Customer Care does not provide discount codes. Contact a Local Dealer for further sales information.
  • For units between serial number 4116297 and 4134313, see the part number on the current filter installed. It will be one of the following part numbers: 7005017*, 7009931*, 4204490, or 7023811.
  • Refer to How to Purchase Water Filters and Air Filters for more information.
  • Canadian customers must order water filters by contacting a Factory Certified Parts Distributor.
  • See also, Water Filter Information.
ProngsPart NumberNotes
14204490Twist-in style.

Microbiological filter. Original part may be labeled 7000856 or 7000856E.

This filter is no longer available. Use 7023812 for replacements.

*Use this filter to replace 7005017.


Color, taste, and odor only.

*Use this filter to replace 7009931.

Order replacement water filters from the Sub-Zero Accessory Store or from a Factory Certified Parts Distributor.

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