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Sub-Zero Glass Shelves


Cleaning and Care

Refer to the Sub-Zero Cleaning Guide for glass cleaning instructions and cleaning product recommendations.

  • Shelves should be removed for cleaning.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Use care when handling glass shelves to prevent breakage or scratching the interior.
  • CAUTION: Glass shelves should warm to room temperature before immersing in warm water.
  • The shelf frame around the glass cannot be removed for cleaning. Replace the shelf if needed. Refer to Cleaning Interior Shelves and Light Diffuser for more information.

The glass shelves in a Sub-Zero unit are made with tempered glass.

  • Do not place hot pans or containers on Sub-Zero glass shelves. Allow containers to cool until they are only warm to the touch.
  • Condensation or fogging may form on glass shelves if the door is left open for a period of time. This happens more quickly in warm climates or on humid days if the room is not climate controlled. Refer to Moisture or Condensation in Refrigerator for more information.

Glass Shelf Removal and Installation

To remove or adjust a glass shelf:

  1. Tilt the front of the shelf up, then lift up and pull out.
    • If door is stopped at 90°, the shelf may need to be taken out at an angle.
    • Removing the door shelves will help in removal.

To install or reposition:

  1. With the front of the shelf tilted slightly upward, insert the back of the shelf into the rails on the back wall.
  2. Lower the front until the shelf locks into position.

Replacement Information


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