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Sub-Zero Humidity Levels


  • What is the refrigerator, freezer average humidity level?
  • What is the humidity level in the Classic (BI) Series refrigerator section?
  • What is the BI Series crisper drawer humidity level?
  • Can the humidity level be changed?


The Classic (BI) and Designer (formerly Integrated) Series products maintain approximately 75% humidity in the refrigerator compartment.

  • Crisper drawer(s) in a BI or Designer series unit will maintain approximately 90% humidity.
  • The levels will vary dependent upon the type of load; for example, fresh fruits and vegetables versus packaged food.
  • All other storage drawers and the deli drawer do not affect the humidity level, and will be the same as the rest of the compartment.

The humidity level in all other Sub-Zero refrigerator models is approximately 50%, possibly higher depending on the specific model.

  • The humidity level is not adjustable in any Sub-Zero product.
  • Older 500 Series units have humidity control for the crisper drawers only.
    • Control is a slide that opens and closes.
    • Open for less humidity. Close for more humidity.

Freezers do not have a humidity level because of their temperature range and if anything, will draw moisture out of the food in the compartment.

  • That is why Sub-Zero ice cubes shrink over time, and ice or frost particles form on the inside of food packages.
  • Refer to Freezer Burn on Food for further information.

For humidity in Wine Storage Units, see Humidity Temperature Vibration and Sunlight Affect Wine. Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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