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Wolf EC24 Coffee System Descaling


  • How to descale a Wolf Coffee System
  • EC24 Coffee System brand of descaling solution
  • What is the descaling solution part number for the Coffee System?
  • Where to purchase Coffee System descaling solution, part number 824828, 829244
  • Where to purchase Coffee System care kit, part number 824768
  • Can a solution other than EcoDecalk be used to descale the Coffee System?
  • How soon do you have to run the descaling?


Descale Process

  1. Remove the water tank and empty it completely.
  2. Fill the tank half full with water then add use 3.40 fl oz descaling solution, or one single-use packet*. Install the water tank.
  3. Install the water spout.
  4. Hold a large container, more than 50 oz (2 L), under the spout.
    • A pitcher or similar vessel works well.
    • A container designed to sit on the tray under the spout is not available.
    • You will need to hold the container under the spout for the entire descale process.
    • Refer to EC24 Coffee System Displays Insert Water Spout for installation instructions.
  5. When the appliance is on, press to access options.
  6. Press or until "DESCALE" appears, then press. "DESCALING UNDERWAY" will appear on the display.
  7. After 30 minutes, "RINSING FILL TANK" appears. Fill the water tank with water, empty the large container, and reinstall.
  8. Press. "RINSING PLEASE WAIT" will appear on the display.
  9. Once the cycle is complete, "RINSING COMPLETE" will appear on the display. Fill the container and press .
  10. Press and then press.

*Instructions are written for the single use descale packets obtained through the Wolf Accessory Store or the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area.


Descale Information

The Coffee System flow meter counts the quantity of water used. When the quantity reaches the set limit according to water hardness, "Descaling" appears on the appliance display.

  • Descale message will flash when unit sits idle or when program is changed.
  • There is no standard for how often a Coffee System requires descaling as it is based on individual use.
  • Refer to Coffee System Water Requirements for information on adjusting the water hardness level.
    • Water hardness is an adjustable setting with four water hardness setting options.
    • One is low water hardness, and four is high water hardness.

The Coffee System Quick Start Guide provided with the descaling solution details the descaling process.

  • Use only EcoDecalk descaling solution to descale the Wolf Coffee System.
  • Coffee System descaling solution, part number 829244, includes two 3.40 fl oz single use packets of EcoDecalk descaling solution.
    • EcoDecalk is an ecological descaling solution made with 100% lactic acid.
    • 16.9 fl oz bottles have four descalings each and are available through online retailers such as Amazon. Only use 3.40 fl oz per descaling process.
  • See also:

Both cleaning kits, as well as descaling solution packets, are available for purchase from a Wolf Dealer or Factory Certified Parts Distributor, or through the Wolf Accessory Store.

NOTE:  Due to a vendor issue, the descaling solution is currently not available on our website as of 1/19/21.

EC24 Coffee System Recommended Accessories

Descaling Tips

  • Descaling takes about 45 minutes.
    • It does require the user to be in front of the unit for the entire descale process.
    • Wolf suggests descaling as soon as the message appears.
  • Descaling frequency varies by use and water hardness.
  • The use of a descaling solution other than EcoDecalk may result in the descale message appearing more frequently.
  • The Coffee System will work without descaling, but taste and functionality are compromised until the system is descaled.
  • EC24 Coffee Systems do not include descaling solution due to the chemicals in the solution.


  • If the descaling message appears when the descale is complete, descale the machine again, as it did not descale properly.
  • If the unit does not start descaling, turn the power off and reset the circuit breaker. If the descale still does not work properly, contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.
  • If descaling message appears before expected, verify the water hardness setting. See Coffee System Water Requirements for more information.

Refer to the product Use and Care Guide for further information.


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