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Wolf Pro Ventilation Hood Light Bulbs and Heat Lamps


If Pro Ventilation Hood lights do not work:

  1. Verify that power is supplied to the hood.
  2. Replace the bulbs.
    • Light bulbs are available for purchase at local hardware stores or through an authorized Factory Certified Parts Distributor. See below for a complete list of bulb types.
    • Heat lamps must be purchased separately. See also, Pro Hood Heat Lamps.
    • Light bulbs are not available for purchase from the Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove website.
    • Wear gloves for safety when replacing light bulbs.

See also:


  • Standard bulbs for task lighting are shipped with the unit.
  • Touching halogen bulbs with bare hands can cause them to burn out quickly.
  • Bulbs with lower wattage may be used but will not be as bright.
  • Using a bulb with a larger wattage than listed is not suggested, since the hood is not rated for higher wattage.
  • Standard bulbs are incandescent or halogen for older units, LED for newer units.
  • Not all units can accept LED bulbs. If LED bulbs are used in an older unit, they may only work on the high light setting.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, no further troubleshooting advice is available. Contact Factory Certified Service to schedule an appointment for repair.


To determine which Pro Hood model you have, see the model number on the serial tag. For serial tag or product rating plate location for current production models, refer to Wolf Serial Tag Locations.

For information about other ventilation hood models, see also:

Order Replacement Bulbs for Wolf Pro Hood

After finding a part number on the tables below, call the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area to order parts. Bulbs are not available for purchase online.

Number of Bulbs

Hoods and hood liners have different numbers of light bulbs depending on hood width.

  • 30" - 46" models: 2 bulbs
  • 48" - 66" models: 3 bulbs

Purchasing Bulbs

Light bulbs can be ordered from a Factory Certified Parts Distributor using the part number listed in the tables below, or purchased from a local hardware store using the following specifications:

  • PN 811189 (single bulb)
    • BASE: E26 medium
    • VOLTAGE: 120V
    • WATT: 50W
    • TYPE: 39 PAR 20
    • COLOR: 2850K
    • STYLE: Flood light, screw-in, non-dimmable, halogen bulb
    • DIMENSIONS: 2-1/2" diameter x 3-1/4" length
  • PN 815585 (single bulb)
    • BASE: GU10
    • VOLTAGE: 120V
    • WATT: 50W
    • TYPE: MR16
    • COLOR: 3000K
    • STYLE: Flood light, push-and-twist non-dimmable halogen bulb
    • DIMENSIONS: 2" diameter x 2-1/16" length
  • PN 831193 (single bulb)
    • BASE: GU10
    • VOLTAGE: 120V
    • WATT: 4.6W
    • TYPE: MR16
    • COLOR: 3000K
    • STYLE: Flood light, push-and-twist dimmable LED bulb
    • DIMENSIONS: 2" diameter x 2-1/16" length

Part Number by Model:

Wall Hood

ModelSerial BreakPart Number

2 Bulb:

  • W302210
  • W302418
  • W302718*
  • W362210
  • W362418
  • W362718*
  • W422210
  • W422418
  • W422718*

3 Bulb:

  • W482210
  • W482418
  • W482718*
  • W542418
  • W542718*
  • W602418
  • W602718*
  • W662418
  • W662718*

2 Bulb:

  • PW302210
  • PW302418
  • PW302718*
  • PW362210
  • PW362418
  • PW362718*
  • PW422210
  • PW422418
  • PW422718*

3 Bulb:

  • PW482210
  • PW482418
  • PW482718*
  • PW542418
  • PW542718*
  • PW602418
  • PW602718*
  • PW662418
  • PW662718*
Starting with serial number 11397161 815585 (halogen)
831193 (LED)
Prior to serial number 11397161811189**

*All 27" deep hoods also have receptacles for two heat lamp bulbs.  Refer to Pro Hood Heat Lamps for more information.

**If LED bulbs are used in these units, they may only work on the high light setting. For this reason, Wolf does not suggest using CFL or LED lights on these models.

Outdoor Hood

ModelSerial BreakPart Number

2 Bulb:

  • PW363318O

3 Bulb:

  • PW483318O
  • PW603318O
N/A815585 (halogen)
831193 (LED)

Hood Liner

Model Serial BreakPart Number

2 Bulb:

  • L282212
  • L342212
  • L402212
  • L462212
3 Bulb:
  • L522212
  • L582212
N/ANot Available‡
2 Bulb:
  • PL341912
  • PL342212
  • PL402212
  • PL461912
  • PL462212
3 Bulb:
  • PL521912
  • PL522212
  • PL581912
  • PL582212
N/A815585 (halogen)
831193 (LED)

‡ The bezel around the bulb is too narrow for any bulbs available from a Factory Certified Parts Distributor. Bulbs may be available at a local hardware or home improvement store. Refer to specifications above for part number 811189.

Chimney Hood

ModelSerial BreakPart Number

2 Bulb:

  • PWC362418
  • PWC422418
3 Bulb:
  • PWC482418
  • PWC542418
Starting with serial number 14805508 815585 (halogen)
831193 (LED)
Prior to serial number 14805508811189

Island Hood

ModelSerial BreakPart Number

2 Bulb:

  • I363418
  • I423418
3 Bulb:
  • I543418
  • I663418
2 Bulb:
  • PI363418
  • PI423418
3 Bulb:
  • PI543418
  • PI663418
N/A815585 (halogen)
831193 (LED)

Genuine Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove parts are available by calling the Factory Certified Parts Distributor in your area. Only filters and cleaners are available for online purchase in the Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Store. Other parts are not available for purchase online. Use Locator to find the Parts Distributor for your area.



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