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Change Stainless Door Handle Style


  • What is needed to change the handle style on a Sub-Zero, Wolf, or Cove stainless steel door?
  • Change from tubular to pro handles on a Sub-Zero, Wolf, or Cove stainless unit
  • Change from round or obround standoff handles to square standoff handles on a Sub-Zero or Wolf stainless unit
  • Change handles from one style to another on a Wolf or Sub-Zero product


New handles and standoffs can be ordered to change handle style on stainless steel doors. However, there can be some shadowing where the old standoff was since standoffs are different where they sit up against the door for each handle style.

  • Due to this discoloration, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove do not recommend changing the door handle style on stainless steel doors.
  • To change Designer (IT, IC, ID, IW) models from obround to square standoffs, the standoff is smaller, so visible shadowing may occur.
  • Designer Series panels can change between tubular and pro handles. Use the chart on Designer Stainless Steel Panel Dimensions to determine the correct handle length to order for each unit.
  • Changing handle length is not possible as stud spacing for the handle standoffs is different for each handle length.
  • For 700 and 427(R) models, the handles cannot be replaced on stainless steel panels.
  • The handles cannot be replaced on accessory stainless steel panels for UC Undercounter units.
  • Pro handles are the only handle option for Professional Refrigeration models (PRO4850, PRO3650, 648PRO).
  • Wolf handles are not interchangeable. For example, the E Series Oven handle cannot be used on a Dual Fuel Range.
  • Legacy IR Induction Ranges are offered with Pro or Tubular handles. The handles are not interchangeable.
  • Pro handles are not available for current Induction Range (IR) models.

The following are exceptions:

  • MDD Drop-Down Door Microwave, CSO Convection Steam Oven, SPO Speed Oven, and SO24TE 24" E Series Wall Oven handle style can be changed.
  • To change Classic or Undercounter model handles from obround to square standoffs, the standoff is identical in size, so shadowing is not an issue.

See also:

Sub-Zero and Wolf recommend handle and standoff replacement be done by Factory Certified Service.


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