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Change Sub-Zero Door Style


  • Change door style from framed to overlay
  • Change from solid to glass door
  • Convert door style from glass door to solid door
  • Switch from overlay door to framed
  • Change from overlay panel to stainless
  • Convert single door unit to French door
  • Change from framed to stainless door style
  • Change from wood panel to stainless or stainless to custom panel
  • How to know if door is stainless steel wrap door


Sub-Zero supports door style changes on a limited number of products.

Kind of Change

External Dispensers

French doors

  • Changing from a single door to a French door is not possible on any model.

Glass doors

  • Glass door to solid door: Possible in some situations. 
  • Solid door to glass door: Not possible on any model. 
  • High altitude glass to normal glass: Not possible on any model.

Solid doors

Door may be changed, depending on model. Solid door options include any of the following:

  • Wrapped stainless door 
    • All PRO series models.
    • In Classic (BI, CL) Series, denoted by a /S at the end of the model number, such as BI-32U/S or CL4850SD/S
    • These doors cannot be changed.
  • Overlay door 
    • Includes newer panel-ready models, where a panel is mounted seamlessly onto the unit.
    • These panels are typically custom wood.
  • Framed door 
    • Includes older style panel-ready models, where a panel slides into a visible metal frame.
    • 200, 300, 500, 600, and older Classic (BI) Series models used framed panels.
    • Panels may be white enamel, stainless steel, or may be custom panels, such as wood.
    • See also, Sub-Zero Framed Accessory Panels.
Starting DoorChangeModels Possible
Wrapped stainless doorDifferent handle style stainless door

Not possible on any model.

Framed or overlay doorNot possible on any model.
Framed or overlay doorWrapped stainless doorNot possible on any model. 
Framed door Overlay door

Classic series models:

600 Series models:

  • Handle side door trims for each door, an overlay grille, and custom handles are needed.
    • The side door trims are no longer available. This information is for historical purposes only.
  • The channel holds a 1/4" panel on framed doors.

Not possible on on 200/300 or 500 Series models.

Overlay doorFramed door

600 and Classic series models:

  • Order framed handles for each door and a louvered grille if desired, or reuse the existing grille.
Flush Inset overlay panels Flush Inset stainless panels

See also:

Flush Inset stainless panelsFlush Inset overlay panels

Additional Resources

  • Refer to Reveal, the custom specification tool, for design specifications, and pictures of Framed and Overlay models.
  • Refer to the Sub-Zero Specification Library for further information; contact a Local Dealer for further sales information.

See also:


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