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Sub-Zero Framed to Overlay Conversion


  • Can a framed unit convert to an overlay unit?
  • Can a 600 or Classic series (BI) unit change from framed to overlay?
  • Can a 200/300 or 500 Series unit convert to overlay?
  • Can the 561 have an Overlay panel?


Sub-Zero models before the 600 Series (200/300) came standard framed. These units cannot be converted from framed to overlay; there are no parts available for this type of conversion.

  • The 500 Series also came standard framed with the above qualities, with one exception:
    • Model 561 starting with serial number 1810000 can be done in overlay.
  • For 600 and Classic series (BI) units, it is possible to convert from a framed model to an overlay model by replacing the framed handles and the framed louvered grille panel (600 Series) or framed louvered grille panel insert (BI).
    • Models 680 and 690 are the exception. They cannot accept overlay panels.
    • Stainless steel flush inset panels with tubular or pro handles are not available for 600 Series units.
    • 600 Series units are not able to be flush inset.
    • Framed louvered grille for 600 Series may have to be replaced with either an easy access panel or overlay grille panel frame.
      • The original grille for 601R and 601F models must be reused. There is no option for a custom grille on these models.
    • For Classic series, replace the framed louvered grille insert to be replaced with a custom overlay grille panel insert.
    • Replace the full-length door and drawer handles with a handle side trim assembly.
    • The screw cover (handle trim molding) will be reused on the new handle side trim to cover the screws.
    • For overlay handle options, refer to Sub-Zero Pro Handle or Sub-Zero 3/4" and 1" Tubular Handle.
    • For a photo of a framed model, refer to Sub-Zero Classic Series (BI) Overlay to Framed Conversion.
  • See also:
  • Refer to the Sub-Zero Design Guide for design specifications.

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