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Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App Bluetooth Only Mode Overview


  • What is Bluetooth Only Mode?
  • Bluetooth Only Mode features
  • What is the advantage of using Bluetooth Only Mode?
  • Bluetooth Only Mode in the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App


Appliance Requirements

  • Bluetooth Only Mode is available only for Legacy Designer Series (IT, IC, ID) units starting with serial number 5959000.
    • Bluetooth Only Mode is optional. Units starting with serial number 5959000 can use either Bluetooth Only Mode or a Wi-Fi connection.
  • To pair any other connected capable appliance, a Wi-Fi connection is required. 

If a home has Legacy Designer products as well as other connected capable appliances, Sub-Zero recommends pairing all appliances using a Wi-Fi connection for ease of use.

  • If some appliances are paired with Bluetooth Only Mode and others are paired using Wi-Fi Connection Mode, the app must be switched between the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes to control the respective appliances.

For Wi-Fi pairing information, refer to Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Connected Ready Appliances.

Bluetooth Only Mode

  • Bluetooth Only Mode offers the privacy of connecting Legacy Designer appliances via Bluetooth, rather than creating a user account and connecting to a Wi-Fi network. 
  • Users can monitor appliances, select modes, turn appliances on and off, and more. However, not all connected features are available in Bluetooth Only Mode. For more feature information, refer to Legacy Designer Series (IT, IC, ID) Connected Feature

Note that while in Bluetooth Only Mode:

  • The appliance can be controlled from the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App only while the mobile device is within Bluetooth range (about 20 feet).
  • A Bluetooth Only Mode indicator appears in the upper-right corner of the Appliances screen, as shown below.

To exit Bluetooth Only Mode:

  1. In the Sub-Zero Group Owner's App, tap the Settings icon .
  2. Select Exit Bluetooth Only Mode.

The following features are available in Bluetooth Only Mode:

  • Monitor and control appliance temperature
  • Control Ice Maker settings such as Max Ice and Night Ice
  • Monitor or change modes such as Sabbath, High Usage, and Vacation
  • Monitor Air Purification and Water Filtration status including days of purifier and filter life remaining. 
  • Access product information such as manuals, serial number, and warranty. 
  • Refer to Legacy Designer Series (IT, IC, ID) Connected Feature for further information on Bluetooth Only Mode accessible features. 
    • Users must stand within 20 feet of the appliance in order to use the app with the appliance. 


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